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Our company is one of the best specialized companies in skylight system , aluminum system , curtain wall , windows ,and doors.
We fabricate windows , doors , and curtain wall of any profile the client choose in elegancy.

Specifications of skylight system:

A. structure :

1. it can be fabricated of steel coated with epoxy and painted with docko paint.
2. it can be fabricated of aluminum profiles .
3. we can cover space trass with polycarbonate sheets and aluminum systems .

B. covering we can cover the structure with :

1. Polycarbonate sheets solid or double wall (multi-wall sheets) .
2. Glass tempered or laminated.
3. staind glass .
4. Polycarbonate sheets solid or double wall (multi-wall sheets) painted with colours.

C. Insulation :

We use aluminum cover made specially for sky light provided with gasket of EPDM rubber andit prevent water and dust to go threw sky light not that only also we cover the goints with billomin slides to make a per feat water insulation .

D. Additional options :

We can make additional option to sky light system to make the operation of maintenance easy:
1. Self cleaning system:

- We can provide self cleaning system to any shape of sky light ( Dome-pyramid……etc) .
- This system depends on distributing water over the glazing by a pump to clean the glass by pushing water .


2. Cleaning ladder :
- We can fabricated a ladder moving on a rail around the dome and fixed with axe on the top of the dome.

3. Painting :
- We can paint polycarbonate sheet with glass colours with any design you choose.

4. Gates and fences covering :
-We cover gates or doors or fences of villas with polycarbonate solid texured sheet to protect your privacy.
- and this solid sheets is very strong and it has a0 years warranty against changing colour or damaging .